Lower your glucose levels using these 4 remarkable leaves

Numerous green leaves abound with beneficial nutrients like chlorophyll, which can significantly promote our overall health. Certain plant leaves, supported by various studies, demonstrate efficacy in lowering elevated blood sugar levels, commonly known as hyperglycemia. As irregular can pose significant health risks, maintaining steady blood sugar levels becomes paramount.

Strategies for controlling blood sugar often encompass lifestyle alterations, prescribed medication, and regular exercise. However, a diet incorporating certain herbs and leaves can also significantly contribute to managing blood sugar levels effectively.

1. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves are acknowledged for improving pancreatic beta-cell function and enhancing insulin secretion, essential elements in naturally managing diabetes. A study conducted in 2017 identified tulsi, also known as basil leaves, as a means of lowering blood sugar levels. This aids diabetic individuals in handling symptoms like hypertension, excess weight, and high cholesterol. Regular inclusion of tulsi leaves in one’s diet can greatly assist diabetic individuals.

2. Fenugreek Leaves

Loaded with abundant anti-diabetic properties, these leaves increase insulin sensitivity and lessen the body’s absorption of glucose. Some researches posit that ingesting 10 grams of  leaves, after soaking them in warm water overnight, can markedly improve blood sugar levels. This practice is particularly beneficial for Type 2 diabetes patients.

Incorporating fresh fenugreek leaves into dishes like parathas, dosas, besan, cheelas, curries, rotis, and parathas is another effective approach.

3. Moringa Leaves

Known as drumstick leaves, Moringa possesses insulin-mimetic properties that assist in decreasing blood sugar levels. These leaves also boast anti-inflammatory qualities that combat inflammation, protect against free radicals, and thus safeguard proteins and DNA from damage. Research indicates that damaged DNA or protein signals the initial stage of diabetes.

It is advisable to directly use Moringa leaves sourced from the tree, instead of opting for extracts or pills, to derive confirmed benefits.

4. Curry Leaves

These leaves are abundant in a unique fiber that aids in lowering blood sugar levels. They also stimulate the body’s production of sufficient insulin, thus maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Integrating a few curry leaves into dishes like dal or snacks serves as an easy method to introduce curry leaves into your everyday diet.

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